In “You Live Like This?” you take the role of an overworked, underappreciated, healthcare intern. Your job is simple: prove yourself to your overlords at YLLT Enterprises by caring for the poor Mr. X. Bring him toys to keep him entertained, water to keep him hydrated, and delicious buckets of Goremel(TM) brand chili to keep his belly full. You’ll also need to keep the furnace stoked to ward off the chill of the ~~dunge-~~ hospital room. Also, the YLLT company computer provided to you to help monitor your patient has seen better days. Difficulties aside, we’re sure you can prove your mettle to the powers that be and sustain your patient… at least for a little while.

W, A, S, D to move
Spacebar interacts
Your noodly intern arms can only carry one thing at a time, plan accordingly

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